November 2012

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Cherry Creek Office Closing

I opened my first office in Cherry Creek in June of 1985, and it is with some regret and some excitement that I let you know that I am closing my Cherry Creek office (at 360 S. Monroe St., Suite 290) on Friday, November 16. My actual office is closing, but I am not closing my therapy practice. I will continue individual counseling, dating coaching, and marriage counseling by phone, Skype, and email. My phone number will remain the same: 303-333-1888.

There are several reasons for this. My office lease is up, and all tenants have been notified that the building is being torn down soon (to build condos). But the most important reason that I am closing my office is that Alan and I have purchased a vacation/retirement home in Tucson where in December we will start spending our winters. We will be back in the spring (sometime in April) and I plan to re-open a small office in Denver for the summer. We will continue this plan of spending summers in the Denver area and winters in Tucson in the future.

As you may know, I’ve been conducting phone counseling for some time now since I have clients all over the country – some that I’ve never met. Many of my Denver clients started phone counseling instead of coming in when a meeting at work ran late or they ran into terrible traffic, and were surprised as to how well it works, even for couples. Many of these clients (who accidentally tried it) continued with the phone counseling because it was easier and saved them so much time. Counseling Today in a June 6, 2012 article stated that people are more likely to continue with counseling when they do phone therapy. Some clients, especially teenagers, prefer using Skype, while others prefer email, especially when they are traveling.

Alan is retiring from his job as a stockbroker, but I am not retiring. I love what I do and hope to continue talking to clients indefinitely. I hope that you will still work with me, contact me for counseling, and send me referrals.


Carolyn is a Dating Coach for

Carolyn recently joined a group of dating coaches with This group offers relationship experts and dating resources to millions of singles. Date Camp delivers information and advice through a learning center that has articles and videos, retreats and camps, and a soon-to-be reality TV series. They are also looking for a few male and female singles to use in their videos, so if you’re interested, contact them through their website or through Carolyn.

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How Parent’s Relationships Affect Children

Look, nobody’s perfect, especially not parents, but you do need to know that children do what they see and not what you tell them.

A woman (or man) may put up with abuse in a relationship to “stay for the children,” not thinking what this teaches the children. Do you really want your kids to learn to take abuse – or even worse, be abusive?

My Denver client, Marvin, who contacted me for dating coaching, wonders why at the age of 34 he’s not in a relationship. As we have looked into his childhood, we know the answer. His father was condescending and cold with his mother and his mother just put up with it. Besides Marvin seeing a relationship that he wants no part of, he also modeled passivity after his mother. When he sees something he doesn’t like in a woman he’s dating, he just stops calling her. He thinks he’s not being like his mom who “put up with it,” but actually he is being like her. He never learned to stand up for himself, so like her, he has no idea how to resolve an issue in a relationship. He fears having a relationship like his parents so much, and with no skills to resolve differences, he just keeps walking away.

Children who see their parents fight too much, either do the same things in their relationships or fear an intimate relationship. On the other hand, children whose parents never fought in front of them at all are often idealistic, thinking things are supposed to go smoothly without any work. Like I said, nobody’s perfect, especially parents.

So what is the healthy way to teach your children to be healthy? Don’t hide your disagreements from your children, but don’t have knock out fights in front of them either. Admit to your children that all relationships have issues and let your children in on how you have resolved some of them. Even if your children are grown, it’s not too late to teach them problem-solving in a relationship.

And if your issues aren’t resolved with your mate, seek out counseling or work at trying to make some deals with each other on your own. Don’t ignore your issues and continue fighting about them or building resentment with each other. Learn to make problem-solving second nature, not only for yourselves, but for your children as well.

Listen to Carolyn’s interview on this topic that aired on “Everyday Parenting” on on October 30, 2012.

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Reduced Rate Deals for the Summer

Reduced Rate Deals

Book 4 sessions
$160 per hour = $640 (savings of $80)
Must be completed within 6 weeks (1 1/2 months) of the date of the contract.

Book 8 sessions
$140 per hour = $1,120 (savings of $320)
Must be completed within 11 weeks (2 3/4 months) of the date of the contract.

Book 12 sessions
$120 per hour - $1,440 (savings of $720)
ust be completed within 16 weeks (4 months) of the date of the contract.

* These agreements do not apply to ½ hour sessions.

Let me know if you are interested in one of these deals. 303-333-1888.

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Bushong, L.P.C, is an expert on relationships and a licensed therapist. She is known for being one of the top relationship therapists in the country and the author of 3 relationship books. She has appeared on Oprah, the View, and many other TV shows, and she has been giving relationship advice on Denver radio for more than15 years. She has been helping people like you improve your life and relationships for more than 30 years. Cosmo, US Weekly and other magazines quote her expert relationship advice, and McCall’s named her one of the “Top 6 Passion Doctors” in the country. Carolyn Bushong always has fresh, up-to-date, hot information on topics that will inspire you and change your life and improve your relationships. She has clients all over the country, some who come into her office and others who receive Carolyn's expert advice through phone counseling. Carolyn Bushong is an excellent psychotherapist, but she also lives what she teaches, as she is in a happy, healthy relationship with Alan, her mate of 25 years.

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