November 21, 2008

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Happy Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and give thanks for what we have been given in life. That may be more difficult this Thanksgiving because of what's happening with the economy. Most of us, whether we've been rich or poor or in between, have a lot less this holiday. We all have to tighten our belts, but maybe there's some good to come of it. How many of us have bought in excess, whether it's clothes, toys for our kids, houses bigger than we needed, or just unnecessary "things" that we've wanted? I know I'm guilty, and yes "buying" is good for the economy, but not good for us when we can't afford it. I'm looking much more closely at the prices of items than I ever have before. It's time to stop the excess and re-evaluate our priorities. It's a very difficult thing to do. We hear about people losing their jobs and homes, and I hope you are not one of them. Several of my friends have lost their jobs. And my mate Alan, who is a stockbroker, has his hands full every day as he goes to work dealing with disgruntled clients as well as another buy-out of the company on it's way.

I, of course, don't have the answer for the economy. But I do know that life has a way of coming full circle and that the pendulum swings from one side all the way to the other before it settles down. Over the years, our country went from being prejudice and sexist to extreme political correctness (and of course electing Obama). Our relationships went from being dominated by men to much more female control. We're now closer to true equality in both areas. Finance is certainly not my field, but we know things had gotten out of hand with overspending rampant, and now we are hopefully hitting bottom so we can rise back up to some normalcy.

I have been trying to learn this "don't overspend" lesson for the last few years myself. I haven't raised my prices in over 3 years, but instead have cut my expenses. I moved my office to a much less expensive location (still in Cherry Creek) a year ago that is really nice, but a little smaller, and most of my clients like it better because it has easier access (can reach it from Colorado Blvd. and don't have to come all the way into Cherry Creek), and it has lots of free parking! I no longer have a secretary and instead have improved my skills on the computer. Now if I can just stop buying so many clothes!

We all need to start figuring out how to cut back and live more frugally in these economic times. What can you do to help relieve your own financial stress?

I know the times are tough, but as they say, "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!" I hope we see a turn around soon, and good luck to everyone who has lost a job or house or anything else that's important to them. Let's still stop and be thankful for what we've had up until now, and be appreciative of what we still have, especially our friends and family - and especially that we have our cheap gas back.!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


New Price for Therapy for Holidays

Holiday Pricing Special

(now until New Year's Day)

I know my therapy prices are high, but remember that I get to the bottom of issues very quickly, whether it's marriage counseling or personal growth issues. In fact, one client told me last week, "I know we only met for a ˝ hour last week, but you truly made me feel empowered ...thank you, I needed that!"

Holiday Pricing For Therapy

Four 1- hour Counseling Sessions for $140/hr*.

Usual price $180/hr. Savings: $160.

*To get the price cut, you must book 4 sessions (in next 5 weeks) before Jan. 1,

Credit or Debit card payment required. May pay as you go, but if you book less than 4 sessions, those first sessions will be rebilled at $180/hr.

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Carolyn's Holiday Schedule

Thanksgiving Week

Monday, Nov 24 2pm - 7pm
Tuesday, Nov 25 noon - 7pm
Wednesday, Nov 26 noon - 7pm


Christmas Week

Monday, Dec 22 2pm - 7pm
Tuesday, Dec23 noon - 7pm
Wednesday, Dec 24 noon - 7pm


New Year's Week

Monday, Dec 29 2pm - 7pm
Tuesday, Dec 30 noon - 7pm
Wednesday, Dec 31 noon - 7pm

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Bushong, L.P.C, is an expert on relationships and a licensed therapist. She is known for being one of the top relationship therapists in the country and the author of 3 relationship books. She has appeared on Oprah, the View, and many other TV shows, and she has been giving relationship advice on Denver radio for 10 years. She has been helping people like you improve your life and relationships for more than 25 years. Cosmo, US Weekly and other magazines quote her expert relationship advice, and she writes articles for on-line article banks. Carolyn Bushong always has fresh, up-to-date, hot information on topics that will inspire you and change your life and improve your relationships. She has clients all over the country, some who come into her office and others who receive Carolyn's expert advice through phone counseling. Carolyn Bushong is an excellent psychotherapist, but she also lives what she teaches, as she is in a happy, healthy relationship with Alan, her mate of 21 years.

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Met Your Deductible?

It's near the end of the year and you've probably met your insurance deductible, so remember to schedule any doctor appointments, including therapy, before your deductible starts all over again in January. Note that even though I am an "out-of-network" provider for most insurance companies, most will pay a portion of my services after you've met your deductible.

How My Therapy Practice Differs from Others

I am a pro-active action-oriented therapist who also believes that your past affects your present and future. However, instead of muddling in the old issues, I help you clean them up and move on. I promote "holding people accountable" for their actions. I help couples get past their resentments toward each other. I help divorcees confront their exes and work through issues with their children. I help stepfamilies solve their differences. I help singles find out why their relationships don't work and/or how to be happier (and less needy) as a single. I help victims of abuse confront their perpetrators. I help disgruntled employees confront their bosses. I help parents set boundaries with their school-age children. I help parents confront their adult children who won't grow up. I help adult children handle their aging parents. I help those in 12-step programs move on to become self-reliant individuals. I specialize in handling conflicts and confrontations.

The 5 major goals of my program are for you to:

  1. Gain self-reliance via strengthened identity.

  2. Learn to se boundaries.

  3. Gain emotional intimacy (and be yourself) in all relationships.

  4. Have better control over your life.

  5. Handle future problems in a healthier way.

How to get Carolyn Bushong's Relationship Advice:
Individual Counseling:
l hour or ˝hr sessions in office or phone, Health Insurance covers a portion. Couples Counseling: 1 ˝ hr. sessions, Health Ins. covers a portion.
Group Counseling: Tuesday night group meets 5:30 - 7:30 pm, 8 members, less expensive.
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Phone Counseling is a great way to do therapy, especially for the really busy person who's constantly on the go, or the person who is shy or hesitant to talk about their problem, or when the weather is bad and you don't want to drive to a therapist's office. It just makes sense in this day and age to be able to call and discuss a problem and get advice on a situation with having to leave work and drive to my office.

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