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360 S. Monroe St.
Suite 290
Denver, CO 80209

Phone: 303-333-1888

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Counseling with clients is by appointment only, either in my Denver, CO office during the summer months, in my Northwest Tucson, AZ office during the winter months, Nationally by e-mail or by phone. My office hours are Noon to 7 pm Tuesday through Thursday.

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Most appointments are an hour (50 minutes), but you may also schedule a half hour, and an hour and a half is recommended for couples. Most people schedule appointments weekly, but others schedule every other week, once per month or even “when needed.”

To schedule an appointment, a credit card is required as all appointments must be paid for in advance.

Health Insurance Coverage

Your health insurance may reimburse you a portion of my fees. I do not take direct payment from the insurance company, as I am not a member of the insurance groups. If your insurance is an HMO, it will not cover my services at all. If your insurance is a PPO, I will file the insurance for you and then you will be reimbursed by them. They often cover a fourth or half of my fee once the deductible has been met. I'll be glad to check your insurance in advance.


Cancellations must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance or your credit card will still be charged for that appointment.

Counseling by E-Mail

I will answer your e-mail questions for a flat rate of $25. Questions should be not more than 100 words in length. Response time will vary depending on my availability--anywhere from one to five days. You must pay by credit card in advance in order for you to receive a reply.

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Once your transaction is approved, you will receive an e-mail from Carolyn giving you the link to a secured email form.

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Counseling by Phone with Carolyn BushongCounseling by Phone

Phone counseling is set up the same as if you were coming to my office, except that you call in instead. Appointments must be booked in advance by calling 303-333-1888, and be paid for with a credit card at the time of booking. Note that you pay the phone charges during the actual appointment.

Again, like regular in-office appointments, any cancellations must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance or your credit card will be charged for the appointment.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted.


4 sessions at $160 per hour = $640 (savings of $80),
which must be completed within 5 weeks (1½ months) of the date of the contract. *(Allows for 1 cancellation)

8 sessions at $140 per hour = $1,120 (savings of $320),
which must be completed within 10 weeks (2¾ months) of the date of the contract. *(Allows for 2 cancellations)

12 sessions at $120 per hour = $1,440 (savings of $720),
which must be completed within 15 weeks (4¼ months) of the date of the contract. *(Allows for 3 cancellations)

18 sessions at $110 per hour = $1,980 (savings of $1,260),
which must be completed within 22 weeks (5½ months) of the date of the contract. *(Allows for 4 cancellations)

* This agreement does not apply to ½ hour sessions.

If you cannot afford my fees...

Therapy Referral Source:

Try Westside Behavioral Care. They are a referral source to a group of therapists who will take your insurance directly, and you just have to pay the co-pay. They are a mental health practice with over 30 locations that serve adults, children, adolescents, couples and families in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area. You can call them in a crisis and usually get immediate appointments, even on evenings and weekends. To make an appointment or find out more about their services, call: 1-877-435-2017.

  • or call your health insurance for a referral

  • or call your county mental health clinic

  • or call United Way at 303-433-8900 to receive a referral for inexpensive or free counseling.

Sample e-mail response


Q & A: She wants sex, he doesn't.


I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man! He's a loving family man with a secure job, he loves me dearly and tells me often, and he doesn't have a problem showing affection toward me in public. The problem is when we go to bed. He likes to hold me, but that's it. He NEVER takes the initiative to make love - and many times when I do, I get turned down. He says that the problem is not with me, but with himself, and he does not know what it is. I'm afraid our love-making will become non-existent after we are married. What should I do?


You are right to be worried about your sex life before marriage since marriage seldom makes passion grow stronger. You have more power now to change the situation - before the commitment is final, so stress that this must be resolved before you wed. Tell him that you enjoy sex with him, but that his lack of desire and passion makes you feel less desirable and that it is a problem that won't go away. When he tells you again that this is about him, not you, don't let him get away with saying he doesn't know what the problem is. Insist that he figure it out or you figure it out together.

Here are some reasons he could be having a problem:

  • Of course, he could be gay. Any signs?

  • He could have a medical problem and need treatment for something serious or simply need one of the medications for this.

  • The two of you may be spending too much non-quality time together - which causes sexual boredom. Regularly scheduled time apart might cause him to miss you enough to get charged up again.

  • He may have the Madonna/whore complex where he can't feel turned on to someone he cherishes and sees as the mother of his children. Talk to him about this and if it's true, get therapy together to get him past it.

  • Something you are doing (or a resentment from the past) may be turning him off and he's unable to tell you, i.e. you may be talking to him like you're his mother - the key issue that shuts men down sexually. Ask him, and work on it if there is something.

  • He may feel pressured. If you wear teddies and pursue him sexually when he feels non-sexual or inadequate, it will only make the problem worse. Back off from commenting or acting sexual toward him. Instead, dress and/or act "indirectly" sexual.

  • Many men start to see having sex as another job that they are too tired to perform.

When you have sex with him, do you require him to spend lots of time turning you on? If so, tell him that you will turn the tables and he can just lay there, or at least start participating more to turn him on.



I've been married three years and cheated on my husband once ...two years ago. It was a sexual encounter (I was drunk and I haven't been able to tell him or get over it. Should I go on living with this or go to my church? I am a bit old-fashioned and feel like I have really sinned.


Stop punishing yourself. Though I'm not condoning your behavior, it's time to get past this mistake and forgive yourself. Though you blame the indiscretion on getting drunk, there is probably more to it than that. It's common for a woman to feel anger at her spouse and "act it out" by cheating. Think back to what was going on at that time in your marriage. Were you angry or upset about something? Try to connect any feeling you had at the time to your behavior. Showing self-understanding and self-tolerance, try to prepare a defense for yourself--as if you would be presenting it to your husband. See if you can convince yourself that you're not a bad person without confessing to him or the church. If not, then give him your well-thought-out presentation, explaining what happened and why and how much you care about him. Expect him to be angry, but don't allow him to badger or punish you. Tell him how you would handle it differently if it happened today. Then you should be able to let it go!




Carolyn Bushong, Relationship Therapist
360 So. Monroe St., Suite 290
Denver, CO 80209


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